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Laptop Gaming Reviews realises that the Internet allows us to reach you, our clients, in new and exciting ways with relevant information about our service and products and other forms of interactivity. Users can be confident that the privacy and integrity of any personal information that may be provided in any section of the website will be strictly maintained.

Laptop Gaming Reviews encourages parents to supervise their children's activities online and to participate with their children whenever possible.

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Laptop Gaming Reviews recognizes the privacy concerns of visitors to its website on the Internet. Specifically, Laptop Gaming Reviews recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information collected about its visitors. As a general policy, no personally identifiable information, such as a visitor's name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number, is automatically collected. Personally identifiable information about visitors to this website is collected only when knowingly and voluntarily submitted, and Laptop Gaming Reviews uses such information only for the purpose for which it is submitted unless we disclose other uses at the time of collection.

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If users submit their email addresses to be included in any services we at Laptop Gaming Reviews send out, and then do not wish to receive future communications, information on how to unsubscribe will be included in the body of any message they have received.

IP Addresses
Laptop Gaming Reviews may collect non-personal user information (for example, IP addresses) in aggregate form. An IP address is a number given to a user by their Internet Service Provider. Examples of information provided by an IP address include service provider, type of browser and type of system used. Laptop Gaming Reviews may use this information to make its website better and more responsive to the needs of the user. This non-personal information may also be shared with third parties for marketing, advertising or research purposes. An IP address is not used to obtain personal information about a user.

e-Privacy Directive
Disclosure Notice
Laptop Gaming Reviews hold to an internal standard of full transparency towards our readers with respect to our relationships with advertisers and affiliate programs. We also are in full compliance with the recommended policies for media disclosure.

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Laptop Gaming Reviews participates in an affiliate program with Links originating on Laptop Gaming Reviews that lead to product purchases at generate affiliate revenue for Laptop Gaming Reviews.

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Laptop Gaming Reviews also advertises and publishes sponsored advertising, which are clearly highlighted as sponsored advertising. These are advertising products and as such are generated separately from the editorial process.
Product Reviews

Other than the above-mentioned affiliate links and the clearly-marked sponsored advertising, all content and reviews on Laptop Gaming Reviews are strictly editorially driven and are generated without payment or incentive by advertisers or external companies. Absolutely no payments in cash or in kind are solicited or accepted from advertisers or external companies for content written and published at Laptop Gaming Reviews.

Laptop Gaming Reviews also makes every effort to review products fairly and transparently. When we have received a product for reviewing, that fact will be noted at the bottom of the posted content. The views expressed in our reviews are always, however, the personal views of our editors and written for the sole purpose of informing our readers accurately.

An example as follows: Laptop Gaming Reviews makes every effort to review products fairly and transparently. The views expressed in this review are the personal views of the reviewer and this particular product review was not sponsored or paid for in any way by the manufacturer or an agent working on their behalf. However, the manufacturer did give us the product for testing and review purposes.

User & Visitor Message Disclaimer Notice
The opinions expressed by any user and visitor provided by the Laptop Gaming Reviews website are those of the posting author. Laptop Gaming Reviews takes no responsibility nor accepts liability for the content posted by these authors.

Files obtained and used from Laptop Gaming Reviews is done so at the user sole risk.

Terms & Conditions
By using this website, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of Laptop Gaming Reviews. If you do not agree to the Policies in place, please do not use the website. Laptop Gaming Reviews reviews its Privacy Policies periodically and reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify or remove portions of the Policies at any time. The Policies should be reviewed periodically so that you are updated on any changes. If you want to communicate with us about our policies, please contact us.

The Laptop Gaming Reviews website contains neither expressed nor implied warranties for use. Laptop Gaming Reviews does not warrant that the website will be without viruses or defects, and Laptop Gaming Reviews is not responsible for any repair or maintenance visitor's system may require as a result of using the Laptop Gaming Reviews website.

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